Personal 1:1 Pool Sessions

Amanda Beard

Every coach would agree that there is nothing more effective than 1:1 face to face athlete and coach time. In the vast majority of coaching scenarios around the world, swimmers can find themselves merely a face in the crowd, just one of numerous swimmers in a lane where they can only command a small proportion of the coach's time and attention.

On a limited and selective basis, Jon is able to provide in Plymouth personalised coaching of the highest calibre. This coaching is directed at the immediate needs and concerns of the athlete in question. Immediate and sustained impact from this coaching model has been noted by those who have accessed it and this is an unparalleled and highly sought after services, attractive to novices and highly experienced swimmers alike.

Such sessions can be purchased in blocks of 30 minutes and can be administered on a Saturday morning or during normal weekday working hours. Availability of these personalised sessions is limited by Jon's regular commitments to his own programme but there is increased availability during school holiday periods.

This is the most effective and time intensive coaching that Jon offers. As such, availability is limited and there is a selection procedure in effect.

Please contact Jon for an initial discussion and assessment of suitability.